Suits and Narcissism


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aynun here straightening shit up

cos like the old cunt is a biased shit so ima just clear up what he fucked up in my like bio thing or whatever

  • die antwoord aint fuckin bad cos its obnoxious its makin a fuckin statement and its fuckin awesome as teabaggin
  • there is nothin wrong with the fact im fuckin guy and adrian wasnt fuckin complainin when i was garglin his cum last weekend
  • it not fuckin fair when i get forced to front at dumbshit times like when adrian or the host are at the fuckin supermarket the only reason it was okay today was cos the host was havin an anxiety attack and town was interestin with all the christmas shit goin on

now ima do a summary of adrian to see how he fuckin likes it

adrian is a gross old man with a fetish for younger people because hes a fuckin pedo and he listens to shitty borin music and has a tiny dick


aynun out

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